In the typical environment, schools and/or their students pay for the system since the students ultimately reap the benefits of attending a rotation at a clinical agency. OCO allows communities to either have the school pay for the student or to have the student pay using ecommerce. Community per-student pricing for the OCO system is determined by a number of primary factors that include start up and ongoing costs:

Typical start up costs for a new community

  • Determine any special requirements needed for the community
  • Initial platform configuration/custom programming*
  • Initial training costs for schools and clinical agencies
  • Regulatory training module changes (as required by the community)*
  • Create and load clinical agency forms ( based on a community of 20 agencies)

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Ongoing yearly support costs

  • Daytime support for schools and clinical agencies
  • Engineering support for the platform
  • Training as required by new entrants and due to turnover
  • Monthly meetings with the community*
  • 24/7 x 365 student support (based on a community of 10,000 students)*

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*Some costs are optional and are only needed if the community requires changes to the platform, changes to the regulatory modules or does not need 24/7 x 365 support for students. Once all costs are known, per-student pricing is set for the community for years 1-5 and 6-10, if desired. The typical cost per student for a community of 10,000 students is shown below:
Per Student, Per Year Cost
Years System requires modification to the platform or regulatory training modules System does not require modification to the platform or regulatory training modules
Years 1-5**



Years 6-10**



**Prices shown are typical costs. Each community will vary based upon its needs.