Frequently Asked Questions

Why should our community use OCO?

OCO connects schools and clinical agencies and provides a way to simplify and streamline rotations. OCO provides a single location where students access and complete requirements before attending rotations. The system tracks the results providing an efficient way to check eligibility of students attending a rotation, and has reporting and other capabilities. Why use another system or systems to achieve what OCO can do? Contact us today to see how OCO can work for you.

Is OCO easy to use?

Yes! OCO is user-friendly. Training is provided and user guides and FAQs are available for users to reference at any time. Go to the System Users page to access videos and see OCO in action.

What is standardized regulatory training?

Regulatory training includes topics such as infection control, professional conduct, corporate compliance and HIPAA. Our team has experience partnering with communities of schools and clinical agencies to standardize this training into comprehensive modules that satisfy the requirements of all members of the community. This means students complete the same regulatory modules for all participating clinical facilities in your community, which streamlines the process of preparing them for rotations.

Our clinical facility has forms, instruction and information specific to our facility that must be completed before a rotation begins. How are those items completed?

Once students complete the regulatory modules and are assigned to a rotation at your facility, the system automatically provides them with the requirements specific to your agency. Students access and complete these items through OCO.

How do students know which requirements to complete?

Once a student signs in to the system, any regulatory requirements and clinical agency specific requirements can be found in the applicable, related tab. The assignments are automatically linked to the appropriate accounts based on school, program and the agency to which a student is assigned.

Can OCO be customized to meet our needs?

Yes, OCO is customizable. Our team works closely with the community to capture all requirements and ensure OCO is configured to meet your needs and serve your community effectively.

Who do I contact if I need help?

OCO plans include different support packages. Email and/or live support is available based on the support package selected. System FAQs and user guides are always available and easily accessible to support you as you use OCO.

Our IT department is very busy. How long does it take for them to set up OCO?

No time at all. OCO is accessed from the Web, so there is no software to install and set up on your company’s network.

How long is user data stored in OCO?

Forever, unless an account is deleted (Note: TraCorp never deletes OCO accounts).

What are the system requirements for OCO?

OCO can be accessed using all Web browsers from both Mac and PCs.

How much does OCO cost?

Please visit the Pricing page to see OCO’s pricing structure.

How does OCO handle health and safety (H&S) information?

Because of health care regulations, students cannot upload or store any health and safety documentation. The only information OCO stores is the H&S information provided by the school administrator or faculty using the H&S tools.

I can’t find the answer to my question in the FAQs. What should I do?

Contact us so we can answer your question. We look forward to hearing from you.

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