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About TraCorp

TraCorp has a rich history of serving healthcare and educational customers. To serve the local healthcare community, TraCorp leveraged existing core technologies to create and deploy the Online Clinical Orientation (OCO) system, a user-friendly, cost-effective solution that simplifies and standardizes the process managing clinical rotations. OCO effectively addressed a great need in the local healthcare community and its functionality received tremendous accolades. Realizing OCO’s capacity to serve a larger audience, TraCorp decided to offer OCO on a national level. Click here to schedule a demo and discuss how OCO can serve your community.

In addition to creating and administrating OCO, TraCorp creates hard and soft skills curricula for every major industry including numerous government and military organizations, and our Learning Management System launches and tracks training for over 100,000 learners worldwide. Click here to learn about other services TraCorp offers.

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Our Vision

To be known as a global company working in an ethical family environment that efficiently develops standard-setting, innovative solutions to effectively serve the needs of our customers.


TraCorp owns and operates facilities in Glendale, Arizona to support the development of educational services and delivery systems for our customers. The facilities include state-of-the-art workspace, conference and planning rooms along with audio and video studios.

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